On 12th November 2015 TCM Tsakos Maritime Philippines, Inc. (TMPI) new offices were inaugurated in Makati, Manila, Philippines. TCM Tsakos Maritime Philippines, Inc. (TMPI) was established in 2015 and it is staffed by highly qualified and experienced professionals with the aim to provide superior manning services mainly to Tsakos fleet and other first class clients.

TMPI’s main client, the Tsakos Group, traces its origins deep in the passage of time, well beyond almost half a century continuous activity and growth. Throughout the years the Group has established a strong reputation within the shipping industry as the preferred partner of choice. This accomplishment was achieved with the assistance and support from our own seafarers.

TMPI is committed to providing Quality services that consistently and continuously meet the requirements of its Clients, whilst maintaining at all times the highest safety culture for the recruited seafarers.
TMPI’s mission is to attract, develop and engage the best-qualified personnel available to manage and operate its Client’s fleets. The company aims in becoming the home of highly skilled, competent, committed seafarers, with high safety consciousness, who are timely available to man Clients’ ships. This is achieved by continuously developing and implementing operational processes that have emerged from the combination of sound managerial principles and long lasting experience in the ship manning Industry.

TMPI’s rigorous recruitment and hiring procedures ensure that the crew engaged are of the highest quality and ability. Once hired, TMPI ensures every seafarer sailing for TMPI’s Clients work within a clear management structure that rewards performance, provides a clear communication path to management and supports the seafarer’s career development in the maritime industry. TMPI’s seafarers are encouraged to build upon their experience at sea and apply it, later, to management positions ashore, thereby providing seafarers with a long and fulfilling career both at sea and ashore.

TMPI has set in place the processes necessary for ensuring that the relevant services are continuously and consistently provided at the highest professional and quality levels. TMPI has established a computer based scheme for planning and deployment of its seafarers, thus ensuring the availability of seafarers in accordance with the Clients’ operational and fleet requirements and combined with strict internal procedures for the selection and engagement of its seafarers.

Office Address 367 Syngrou Ave, Ktirio Macedonia, 17564 P.FALIRO, P.O.BOX 79 141 Athens Greece Email shipmgrs@tcsm.gr