MARIA TSAKOS TCM Academy announces the establishment of a Ship-to-Ship training course in co-operation with Dynamarine.

Ship to Ship transfer operations (STS) are high risk and require thorough understanding and specialized knowledge. The scope of this training course is to provide Deck Officers and Captains with extensive understanding in ship handling principles focused on STS interaction and best operating practices. The theoretical part incorporates issues associated with the shore and crew personnel’s preparedness, due diligence actions, risk management and vetting requirements according to industry practices and latest statutory rules and regulations.

The course is hosted in the facilities of “Maria Tsakos” TCM Academy and utilizes a state of the art full mission ship handling simulator form Konsgberg.

The course integrates both theory and practice in the simulator.

The vital cooperation of shore operators with the crew is thoroughly analyzed, whilst focusing on the clearance on nominated vessels, on the technical assistance from shore to the vessel, necessitated compatibility assessments and risk management. Master and crew duties are clearly defined and discussed. It also incorporates the latest MARPOL amendments, Manual on Oil Pollution of IMO, 2013 guidelines of OCIMF and 2016 STS FAQ of DYNAMARINe and Clyden co.

The practical training in the simulator entails extensive realistic scenarios at anchor and underway. The effect of weather condition is examined and emergency situations are also incorporated. The training process allows for four officers to be concurrently trained in different roles by the qualified instructors of “Maria Tsakos” TCM Academy.

The debriefing discussion summarizes the “lessons learned” and includes written exams. Upon completion of the course, a certificate is issued.

The Maria Tsakos TCM Academy-Training Center was established in 2013 by Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement S.A. in order to cater for the arising training needs of Fleet’s Officers, Crews and shore staff employees. The Maria Tsakos TCM Academy is accommodated in its own premises, within the Group’s headquarters and is equipped by state of the art training facilities.

The Maria Tsakos TCM Academy defines the Company’s inherent duty and obligation to provide the best training facilities to company’s seafarers and shore personnel and to ceaselessly develop and advance their competence in order to ensure operational excellence, both in terms of safety as well as efficiency and performance towards TCM’s clients.

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